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Rado at Baselworld 2012 had one of the biggest new collections around - especially with their massive new collection of HyperChrome watches (that I debuted here). What Rado also needed was something interesting to get media involved, and something Rado retailers could have in their showcase that would attract people. Come for the R-One, leave with the HyperChrome (or something else). Rado is pushing to be big again, especially in the Western world where the brand hasn't quite been able to keep up with popular trends. Though with Swatch muscle and ceramic DNA, they are actually in a good position to engage consumers looking to spend between ,000 - ,000 on a Swiss watch with a neat look.

UNIQ is a small brand started by industrial and automotive designer Zviad Tsikolia. Their focus is to design affordable watches based on historically significant vehicles. While a few designs have been shown, the M21 is the first watch to be released to the public (read about the UNIQ Caterham Seven here). A limited edition of 300 pieces, the M21 is based on design elements of the Soviet GAZ M21 car which was produced in three series from 1956 to 1970. This watch was created with input from GAZ M21 expert Ivan Paderin and there are a number of notable design features from the GAZ which are used in the M21 watch.

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LAST CHANCE: USAgency Air Force One Watch Bundle Giveaway

Large titanium pushers offer the ability to easily operate the various functions that include alarm, perpetual calendar, chronograph, timer, and second time zone. The dial depsite the LCD screens is very legible and modern with a classic tint. The Spacemaster dial has SuperLumiNova all over it for night viewing as well.

As I step off my semi-annual (weekly) soap box, allow me to direct your attention to some watches. Cool watches that made me giggle with glee and ponder the best ways to covertly remove (without being noticed) money from Credit Suisse in order to fund a couple of horological acquisitions. This is just a small list of those watches that leaving the Baselworld 2012 show remain on my mind.

I've seen lots of watches stamped to imitate guilloche, but this is the first time I've seen it in person. Up close, it's quite something:
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Diameter: 45 mm

The NSR 100 watches look like something Tag Heuer would release for kids. But these watches aren't kid-sized. With feelings that say "your first Tag Heuer Formula 1," the watches are actually pretty handsome with just enough details to be both interesting and classy. I suddenly need a lime green dive-style watch in my life. An easy-to-read dial and proper proportions on the dials will likely make these hot sellers. I take it that color options such as pink, light blue and purple suggest that these are unisex timepieces.

Purely mechanical, luxurious, and actually fun, who is the Otturatore watch good for? Well for one you'll need to muster up the roughly ,000 it costs to purchase one. After checking off that requirement you should also be the type of person who wants a well-designed, but highly unorthodox timepiece. This isn't a watch for those looking for something too "familiar." Last, you'll need to be the sort of chap who is more than happy to demonstrate and discuss their watch with friends as well as near strangers. Just because I can't get enough of it, I am going to say it one more time "Otturatore!" Gotta practice those rolling Rs...

For the Korona K0, Stepan Sarpaneva incorporated an internal rotating diver's bezel in a very clever way. Basically he just reworked the date disc into a dive ring. Changing the gears and mainplate a bit, you now have an internal rotating diver's bezel versus the date. It is of course controlled via the crown. This was a very simple way of adding the functionality without having to go wild with engineering costs. You'll notice how the Sarpaneva logo is incorporated into the timing ring. The watch is attached to a rubber strap.

Back to the grind talking about Rolex's neat new mission and desirable watch (that you can't buy). We also talk about Bell & Ross's new 2012 stuff and the love we have for the Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch.

One thing was clear when Devon was making the Tread 2, it was supposed to be smaller, and have two, versus three belts systems. The Tread 1 has a dedicated belt to indicate the seconds. Logical, but noisy. It now has a "silent" mode where the seconds are not displayed, but when they are the watch sounds like someone who is very slow at typing is living on your wrist. This has to do with the small one-step motors in the case and the "bullet-proof glass plastic" crystal. It actually didn't stop that many people from wearing the watch, but for the next model Devon wanted to build something more quiet. The Tread 2 does not have a second's belt. However, there is a function to turn the minute belt into a seconds indicator if you want to measure seconds. As for quietness, the Tread 2 is not only more quiet because it is missing a seconds belt, but because it now has a different case and sapphire crystal that insulates the sound much better.

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The Maitres du Temps Chapter One was a massively sized watch with an incredible amount of complications. The Chapter Two was a sort of baby Chapter One with a more simple movement and more wearable size. Each of those watches has tonneau style cases (well, mostly). What endures over to the Chapter Three from the other two models is the use of rollers in the movement to indicate information. Rollers will apparently be a signature element of Maitres du Temps timepieces.

Chronograph wise, the monopusher is located inside the watch crown. That is to say that a single push of the white rubber H logo button sticking out of the crown will activate the chronograph, while a second push will stop it, and a third final push will reset it. Strangely enough there is no consistent running seconds hand (but you can use the chronograph for that). Maybe this was done to keep the dial uncluttered? Some may like this omission, some may not. Personally speaking I don't really mind it either way. One thing I would have liked to have seen is the usual 'H' screws on the bezel replaced in favour of some custom 'M' (for Marcus) shaped ones. I think it would have added a touch more uniqueness to the piece without over emphasising it. However, that would have been an extremely expensive upgrade given the machining and logistics of making tools.

RGM 160 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The chronograph function in the Type XXII 388ST doesn't use any of the subsidiary dials. Instead, it uses two centrally placed hands for the seconds and minutes. The chronograph seconds hand moves around the entire dial each 30 seconds. Yes, it can get confusing. The minute hand "steps" two times each minute. Meaning there is a halfway position so that you know if the chronograph seconds hand is measuring the first or second half of that corresponding minute. Using the hash marks on the periphery of the dial, you can determine the 1/10 of a second fractional reading.

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Precision chronographs seem to be on the mind of many watch makers this year. Tag Heuer certainly has their share of innovations and everyone seems to want to push forth into a territory people once thought of as "well if you need that kinda precision then get a digital watch." But I digress! Montblanc this year came out with a concept watch that competes with the Tag Heuer Mikrotimer 1/1000th of a second chronograph called the Timewriter II Chronograph Bi-Frequence 1000.