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58 New Old Stock Breitling Watches "Last Of The Joseph Iten Collection" On eBay For 5,000 Sales & Auctions

Some actually pointed out something to me what I've known for a while, but don't normally mention. Chopard is a master at branding, and when looking at the logo on the dial, you can tell. Chopard pretty much only uses this logo for their men's racing watch. Turn the watch over and look at the caseback to find Chopard's more typical logo in a cursive font. In order to promote the masculine racing theme of the collection, they even have a special logo to use for their own name on these watches.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends September 12, 2014 ABTW Round-Ups

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Less ethical situations involve instances where watch brands secretively bid (via a proxy bidder) on their own timepieces in order to manipulate the auction or the market for their products overall. This situation can be just about engaging in a bidding war so that a particular items goes for a higher amount, or it could be part of a more concerted effort, in an attempt to show that their timepieces are more desirable and/or more valuable. This practice does happen from time to time, and can be very difficult to detect. It is also rather effective, because of the anonymous nature of some bidding, and because even buying your own watches for a large sum of money is enough to offer material to show the market how valuable your brand might be.

Fiona Krüger Skull Watch Hands-On Hands-On

ManchesterWatchWorks TatoskoQ Review - Your Next Semi-Custom Diver? Wrist Time Reviews

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Christophe Claret: At the age of 14, when my parents took me to visit a watch restorer’s workshop. This encounter proved to be a life-changing experience. Passionately interested in all things mechanical, I asked the craftsman if he would let me come and help him every Friday afternoon after school. The idea appealed to the watchmaker, who agreed. Every week from then on, I worked on taking apart watch mechanisms to clean, maintain, or restore them, until I began attending watchmaking school.

2014’s Best Watch Tribute To A Jazz Legend: Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition Review Wrist Time Reviews

All Speedometer Official Unidirectional Bezel bracelets are designed and manufactured in Italy and are "one size fits all." The steel pieces are priced at €119, or 0, while the PVD black versions cost €159, or around 5.

Cuervo y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Chrono Bronze DLC Black Watch Hands-On

Cuervo y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Chrono Bronze DLC Black Watch Hands-On
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Rolex Date Explorer watches

Flip the watch over, and you see the other sapphire crystal in use, this time set in to the screwed-down caseback, showing off the Caliber 1001 movement (which uses an ETA 6497 base). While it isn't a particularly flashy movement, what we do see is nicely finished. You can see the barrel turning as you wind the crown, and the balance wheel flying away as power is applied. Basically, a nice treat for the owner of the watch.

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Well, I don't know all the details, but it doesn't take a lot of questioning to consider how the Eterna watch became a Porsche Design product, given that Eterna was the production partner for Porsche Design timepieces during that time. Porsche Design clearly saw the appeal of the design and decided to transform the Eterna KonTiki Diver into the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver watch. It originally came out in naked titanium with yellow accents, but was also available with red accents, and as this black-cased steel model with blue accents. Today, the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver watch remains quite rare.

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As we were welcomed in, we grabbed some scotch & espresso at the bar, then Ariel and I were shown to the private viewing area upstairs. There, Jean-Louis brought us a tray of the most beautiful watches I had ever seen. Starting off with a Chronometre Bleu, regular and special Byblos editions, then moving into some of the Octa models, I seriously contemplated walking out with my own FP watch.

The Bulova brand of today is in flux, as the brand continues to promote high value proposition, mainstream watches, with a distinct interest in producing more interesting enthusiast watches that pass the muster of President Greg Thumm, who is one hell of a discerning watch lover. With a background in watchmaking as well as working at Fossil, he has a rather rare mixture of business sense and engineering sensibility. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done, as it is much easier to form perceptions around a new brand, versus reform people's modern perceptions of an existing brand with so much history.

As it is with the more robust Rasmus 2000, mechanically, the watch features a modified Selita SW200. Muhle adds some of their signature components such as the blued screws and their own regulator system. These modifications have been well covered in other posts on aBlogtoWatch, with my favorite being in Ariel’s review of the Terranaut Trail III. The Mühle Glashütte Kampfschwimmer retails for ,899.

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Just a few years after starting its sponsorship-spree in the United States – including sponsorship deals with the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams – today, Hublot announced its exclusive contract with the Dallas Cowboys, a major American football team that has won the Superbowl five times.

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Nomos Tetra Square Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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Apple Hires Marc Newson, iWatch Smartwatch Watches Likely To Be Designed With His Help Watch Industry News

Romain Jerome and Batman fans will love the new limited edition watch, but it won't win any converts who are more interested in traditional horological fare. In many ways, the almost ,000 timepiece is the ultimate Batman fan-boy wearable. It captures the dark, strong essence of the modern Batman characters nicely, and the design isn't so over-the-top that the watch cannot be worn outside of comic book enthusiasts events and meetings. What I don't understand is where the "DNA" part comes in.

MKII Paradive Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the prestigious Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) watch exhibition. Held in Geneva, the event commences on the 19th of January, marking the start of a five day long exhibition of some of the most important high-end brands on the market today. Team aBlogtoWatch will of course be present on all five days of the event, meeting with every key brand and going hands-on with their latest and greatest novelties which will make their debut at SIHH 2015.

Victor Marks says:

Photography by Den Bradshaw

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM572 Watch And New In-House P.4000 Movement Hands-On

Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM572 Watch And New In-House P.4000 Movement Hands-On
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Personally, I happen to like the black and yellow accents of the dial a lot. Black and yellow together are visually arresting and in this case very attractive. If you don't like the colors, that is fine, but if you do, then I think you'll find a lot to love in the 2014 Chopard Monaco Historique watch models. More so, if you like the NATO strap.

Buying Watches In Milan, Italy: Pisa Orologeria Watch Stores

Seiko was as innovative in their visual design as it was in refining the vertical-structured mechanics of a timepiece, however. Along the way, therefore, I also developed a bit of an obsession for the groovy looks of these timepieces – how they were so unrepentantly redolent of the ‘60s and ‘70s modernist aesthetics also ricocheting through architecture, cinema, graphic design, painting and sculpture – even comic books and cartoons. At the same time, there was a decidedly Japanese restraint and symmetry innate to the style and fabrication of the great mid-century Seikos – all of which reflected the harmonious rules of legendary Seiko designer Taro Tanaka’s famed “Grammar of Design” which went on to revolutionize the look of the manufacture’s products (the “Grammar of Design” is described quite well on p. 73 of Rob van Herpt’s essential but quixotic book-length history of Seiko, A Journey in Time, which can be downloaded here.

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Breitling Avenger

I recall first writing about the Piaget Altiplano 900P about one year ago, before I had actually see the watch in person. During my review of the technical specifications, I became slightly annoyed, thinking, "why can't I find the name of the movement, and why can't I find the thickness of just the movement in comparison to the overall thickness of the case!?" These were reasonable questions, only to be answered by the fact that, unlike most watches which have a movement which is then cased, the Piaget Altiplano 900P's movement is actually integrated into the caseback piece of the timepiece's construction.

Situated at the top left side of the – non-existent – dial is the micro rotor of the movement: another relatively rare and yet intriguing piece of watch movement design. Some of these pictures do not give away just how thick a piece of a metal it is. Although the micro rotor has been hollowed out (in an effort to make it work better aesthetically with the rest of the movement), it is crafted from a thick piece of metal (likely 18k gold or platinum), so as to give it enough momentum to properly wind the mainspring that supplies 60 hours of power reserve.

For the year 2014, Zenith had two quite surprising – and equally controversial – announcements up its sleeve. First, it announced that it will start using non-in-house made movements (Sellita SW-300 to be specific) in its Elite line of watches and, second, it debuted the El Primero Synopsis collection, a more high-end, time-only selection that was built around the famed chronograph movement El Primero... without its chronograph function. Many were inclined to shout "Blasphemy!" at the brand, but, as usual, things do start to make a bit more sense as they unfold.

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