Time For A Classic: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo Watch

Time For A Classic: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo Watch

The strap of the Horus Ultramarinum watch is all custom, and the customer can get it in any manner of colors, styles, and even with jewels (why?). The smallness of the actual watch face may prevent this timepiece from being an adept daily wear, but it is still a fine novelty for your growing uber luxury watch collection. I really want to see that mechanical watch case in action! Not sure about price, but you know what I keep saying about "if you have to ask.."

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In addition to having a thinner profile, the watch has more metal on it that the PAW-1500. The bezel has some polished and textured metal, which makes for a nice look. We aren't talking about thick high-grade steel, but it does make for a better look. There are actually going to be two versions of this new Pathfinder PAW-2000 watch, there will be the PAW-2000-1, and the PAW-2000-7. They will have a resin strap or titanium bracelet respectively. My PAW-1500 has the titanium bracelet which is great, but each will work nicely. Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Is Coming Watch Releases

The above two watches are from the new Ball Engineer Master II Aviator line. With the standard (day date) and GMT models for you to check out. The each have Swiss ETA automatic movements and are nice and large sized. I love the massive lume indexes and the clear, iconic aviator style dials and hands. Ball even did a nice job with the pilot watch style strap with button in it. I really like the Ball signature "RR" (for railroad) logo that is used as the counterweight on the seconds hand. Nice quality watches that feel meant for professional as opposed to formal wear. Priced about ,600 - ,900 and new for 2009.

You'll be spending most of your time looking at the dial of the Formex 4 Speed DS 2000 GMT if you are one of its proud owners. The dial and rear window are each covered with sapphire glass, which is to be expected, and I'd be pissed if it was anything less. In either the white, blue, or black faced models, the square patterned background on the dial is pleasant and surprisingly satisfying. I've always been fond of the hand design on Formex watches, and these model's don't disappoint. The GMT hand is tipped in bright red and very easy to read. There is a distinct difference between the minute and hour hand, which drastically aids in legibility. This is totally aided by the clear data layout of the dial. Lume covers the important areas of the face, allowing for a fair amount of night viewing. In the end, there is little to disagree with on the dial, or the watch overall. The Formex DS 2000 is simply a very satisfying and successful design.

I would have loved to be an automotive journalist in the early 1990s. One of the most momentous occasions of the decade was the release of the Lexus LS400, as well as the overall Lexus brand lowering into our lives like a gleaming vessel from mother-ship Toyota. The LS400 was the car that journalists said should make the Europeans fear the Japanese. It was more than just something for them to take notice , it was a justifiable alternative to European luxury cars, and a much better value.

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Sapphire crystals:
Dial side with anti-reflective treatment on both faces. Display back with anti-reflective treatment on single face.

The name of the watch pretty much sums it up, but I wanted to discuss a bit. As to the pointer date that is pretty self evident. Using a periphery and crescent moon hand to indicate the date as opposed to having a disc underneath the dial with a date window. The large crown is interesting. At 40mm wide, proper watch making etiquette would have had Oris give it a moderately sized crown. But this is a man's watch, and Oris wanted to emphasize the traditional aspect of the design. Back when watches like this usually were manually wound and needed more of your attention. Thus, to give the watch a more important and traditional look, the crown is sized for a watch that is a few millimeters larger in diameter. While there are a few styles of hands, I prefer the classic aviator style ones.

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